“Hi Lori,

We have had a great couple of days since you left.

The moral and enthusiasm is certainly at an all time high. We followed up a lead that we generated on Monday and look to close a $30,000/year account within the next 3 weeks. If it comes to fruition then it’ll be worth close to $10,000 for us on a yearly basis!

We had our receptionist type up the code and distribute it to everybody. Then at the safety meeting yesterday we re-read it and gave everybody a laminated copy to hang up in their area. Overall things are going well, I’m hearing people call things and it just seems to be a more friendly atmosphere!

I know a lot of people have been using the “Acknowledge, Ask a Question” technique and it’s working very well. I too used it today in Calgary and it really won over the customer as it made him sound smart in front of his peers and he & others were keen to ask other questions.

In fact we worked with the CAT distributor Finning today. They use us on some units and our competition on other packages. At first they said they use our competition a lot and we didn’t have a chance. After an hour meeting and going through a presentation the customer was telling us how we could win teh business from our competitor, gave us pricing, etc which was just unbelievable. I truly believe it was listening and asking questions that got us there!

Okay here’s my testimonial:

Most people think of Sales and Leadership training to be about as fun as going to the dentist. We all need it but who actually wants to go through it? I can tell you that the Sales Partner training that we got from Lori over the last two days was simply the best training we’ve ever gotten.

We’ve been to other trainings that give you great techniques, great ideas but they just talk to you and want to get through it as fast as they can. This training is unlike anything we’ve ever been a part of. It’s unique in that it’s actually FUN, and you learn through the 3 ways: Visually, Auditory and Kinesthic (actually paying games to learn). That combination really re-enforces the lesson and our people retained close to 90% of what was presented.

In fact part of the training involved a section that explained how everybody is involved in sales. After Lori started the lesson everybody realized that we are all in sales in some way, and that everything sells. To re-enforce this we went on a cold call game. EVERYBODY had to go out and make as many cold calls as they could within an hour. Now our industry is very small and selected. The people we had included our foremans, our shipper and receiver, our manufacturing people and others that had not EVER done a cold call, or had EVER considered themselves in sales. Within an hour a group of 17 people went out and did 114 cold calls within 90 minutes. We opened over 40 new accounts and have sold $5,000 worth of product within the first 3 days. We opened one account that will be worth $30,000 per year that we didn’t even know was out there! We opened over 20 accounts that we had never even heard of and we’ve been in this industry for over 25 years!

Our moral is through the roof, our teamwork has increased dramatically and every single one of our people have personally come up and thanked me for the training. They all said that they learned something and had a lot of fun doing it. All in all they actually appericated the training and our time to put it on.

It was quite simply the best thing we’ve ever done.

All I can really say is…I can’t WAIT for the next one and we’ve already book a follow up!

Thanks again Lori, you’re awesome!”