“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Lori for taking time out of her busy schedule to work with our team on Saturday December 29, 2007. The experiences we went through this session were great and I can already picture the results in my mind. The presentation skills and materials we used were so helpful.

Keep up the good work Lori and Thank You.”

Andrey Raransky
“I got a personal code which will help me keep myself in line a little bit. I learned more about how to sell not only products but also myself. In the end the greatest think I learned is selling is easy if you put your mind to it. I came up with a good elevator pitch in about a minute not knowing much about the product.”
Alex, 15 years old
“Thank you for a very useful workshop today. We worked on some things that we couldn’t get done for a long time. You helped us to understand some of our problems in the business and what is even more important you know how to solve them and now we do too.”
Olga Orlova
“Lori is an exceptional business trainer. Within our session we were able to create a code of honor for our business, identify important parts and systems of our business, work on our sales techniques and practice presenting. The session was extremely valuable for our team. I would recommend her service to anyone who is involved in building business.”
Andrey Kuzminykh
“I would like to thank you very much for the session. I really enjoyed it and the major thing I got from your session is that even a person who never sells anything to anyone (like me) can do it very well if you continue to train yourself or get training from you or your colleges. Thank you for sharing your experience and your knowledge with me.”
Oleg Mazlov
“This training was incredible and useful for our team. We accomplished a few tasks that we have been trying to do for a long time and also came up with a plan for our next few sales meetings.
Thank you. I look forward to future training from you. I would recommend your training to anyone who is serious about making progress in their business.
Thank you again.”
Nataly Kuzminykh