“Although I was not around for the entire 2 days, I learned that if delegated as a leader it is important to lead from the front by just doing the task and having the others follow by example. These 2 days holistically have seemed to fast track the initial team which will have a powerful processional effect in the recruitment and training of new and absent franchisees. I believe that this approach will fast track the new franchisees. Excellent job Lori.”
Doug Kirchmann
“There was immense value in having Lori stay on in SA for an extra two days of training. She managed to solidify the team, creating a dynamic which is vial to build into any organization. She was also able to set the expected standard and created physical competition thus setting an expectation for each of us to be challenged. The confidence of each participant grew in themselves and in each other. The bar has been set. Everyone now has their own relationship with Lori. Rapport has been built and we all feel completely supported by the SPWW team. Thank you!”
Natasha Kirchmann
“Lori went out of her way by staying two more days to do a pilot training in SA. She’s go the ability to correct you when wrong in a way that you don’t mind and appreciate because she makes it clear that it is to your own benefit. She keeps pushing you because she knows you can do it. By doing that she instills self confidence in you. Lori’s energy is contagious. She inspires and leads you throughout the day without you feeling drained or loosing concentration. I would recommend Lori for any business that is looking for someone who can pull their team together and inspire them to go to great places. Thanks Lori.”
“Spending the last two days with Lori has been incredibly fruitful. She is a trainer I would like to model in her ability to teach and hold each one of us accountable for our own growth. I have been challenged, coached and given encouragement right the way through the process. She not only gives information and techniques but gives of herself to make it very personal. She has earned the right to teach.”
Di Timberlake
“I have been in sales for more than 15 years and thought I was pretty good at what I did. The FIT training completely opened my mind to how much more I actually had to learn. It also gave me an introduction to the skills I would need to master to become the championship sales person that I want to become. Thank you Lori for your wisdom and patience in starting my journey.”
Colin Sapsworth
“The training over the last two days has been an eye opener in terms of how to move forward and the systems needed to move forward. It will enable me to grow the efficiency in my own business and move forward with meaning. Thanks.”
Gareth Van Notten
“A great two days. Lori has a wonderful ability to keep all participants engaged and interested throughout her training program. She has a diverse understanding of the SalesPartners business and did an excellent job in giving everyone some key knowledge to enable them to begin and continue with the FIT program. I am very excited to have Lori in charge of ensuring the SA team gets up to speed on the FIT program. We could not have wished for a better trainer and facilitator.”
Barry Mitchell