“The past two days with Lori have been 2 of the best days in my career life. I was able to deal with and squash my fears of public speaking. Lori was able to teach an entire group how to support and celebrate successes in both the selling and presenting areas.”
Thanks Lori,
“Lori was fantastic! I am very new to this industry, but from day one with Lori, I learned something about myself, about the company I work for and about the people I work with. Two days with her has been such a joy and I am so grateful to have met her and to have been taught by her. The last 48 hours have been so mind blowing, however not overwhelming and that’s what I truly appreciate and think it is so awesome. Thank you very much. Please come back and teach me more.”
Yours truly,
“My name is Cindy Storme. I am the President of Fast Track to Paradise and I travel around Canada to present investment opportunities in Costa Rica and Honduras. Although my occupation is presenting, today I have learned valuable skills to dramatically increase the credibility and professionalism of my presentations. With these new skills I am confident I will be able to help more people understand the opportunity and invest on our developments in Costa Rica and Honduras. The most valuable part for me so far was learning how to do a proper introduction with scan/enroll/acknowledge/ETR and WIFM. ”
President of Fast Track to Paradise
“Lori has forever changed my life by pushing me out of my comfort zone and providing me with the knowledge and tools that I need to build a brighter and more successful future for myself and my business. “Persistence Pays” is a GREAT read!”
Thank You!
PS: I admire your high energy level!
“I spent 2 days with Lori learning sales techniques and presentation skills. It was an amazing experience to see how far everyone came out of there comfort zones to do things I didn’t think they would do, including myself. It was a confidence builder. Thank you Lori for your time and effort; well done.”
I loved the 2 day presentation. Thank you for showing us about the art of presenting. I have already seen a positive gain in my own skills. The event seemed to go by too quickly. Luckily I have your book to refer back to. I look forward to you coming back for a refresher and seeing the improvement in my skills. All the best in 2009.”
Fast Track Capital
“I learned the purpose and value of a code of honour. I learned that there are a lot of important steps in the selling cycle – that it does not end with the sale! The basics of presenting will really help me out. I now understand a lot about what I’ve seen in the past (walking away from the person with the question, presenter asking questions, etc.)”
Winnipeg, Manitoba
“Lori, Thank you for the time you’ve spent with us over the past few days. I have enjoyed your teachings and the one-on-one coaching that you gave me and all the other people to insure that our presenting skills are honed to be sharp and precise. I look forward to an increase in my business and my bottom line from using the skills you taught us. I recommend anyone who is planning on doing presentations to bring Lori into their business and have her teach them the skills of doing presentations.”
With Appreciation,
Investing 4 Prosperity
“Lori has amazing energy! She really knows how to change the way you look at things.
I know using her techniques will allow me to be more confident and successful when trying to sell to my clients. Thank you Lori for the” tools” to be able to help me serve others in my mission to make people aware of some financial options.”
I was absolutely terrified to do the aspects of training that involved public speaking. I have always done my best to avoid speaking in front of the people I know. Lori, you really took me outside my comfort zone and brought me to a whole new level. I really want to thank you for that. Also, watching Blair’s video helped too. IT’S NOT ABOUT ME!! I really needed to challenge this fear. It has been with me my whole life. I really appreciate your time, energy and dedication. I really hope to work closer with you and Blair both. You are both extraordinary people who I sincerely admire, so thank you!!”
All the best
“Lori stretched me. It hurt for a while, but eventually it felt better.”
“Sales training was very interesting, challenging and fun. We learned about the Code of Honor, discussed in detail and agreed as a group on our values. We learned how to make a presentation through powerful use of our voice tone and inflection while pretending to be Ben Affleck in “Boiler Room”. I am much more prepared to initiate a large group presentation through a step wise process proven to be successful. We were all able to practice this in a fun and enjoyable penalty free zone. This will significantly increase my ability to sell more products, have more customers and make more money.”
“I want to say a huge thank you! The last 2 days have been very eye opening and educational. There are several techniques that I know I will be using to further my sales. I greatly appreciated the fact that the activities were of a variety. It wasn’t just sitting in a lecture hall. I can’t wait to tackle my sales calls.”
Thank you again,
“I was very impressed with Lori, as I believe most everyone was. I went into this two day training without a skeptical viewpoint because I knew my company would only bring in the best. However I did not realize to the extent that her instruction would impact me. Everything I learned I believe I could take with me with ease and apply it to my everyday work environment and also my every day life. So thank you for your effort, dedication and also putting up with us! I absolutely believe that what I learned will greatly impact my results for the better!”
Fast Track Capital

The following testimonials are from some of the participants:

“I really enjoyed and am grateful for the sales training with Lori. She helped me to feel comfortable with presenting through an easy system that helps me connect with people. She also helped me to understand that a no only means no for now and that Persistence Pays.”

“I enjoyed the time with Lori. I appreciated the teaching as it is hands on. I am a visual learner type person so I got a lot out of the exercises. I have always wanted to be good at some of the skills she teaches and have not seen the opportunity to do so. She provides the safe opportunity to grow and learn. There are a lot of pearls for people to learn, a good use of time. Will boost your productivity and improve your life if you let it.”

“The last two days I attended a sales training with Lori. I found it to be very useful and am now very excited to implement all of the sales techniques and skills that I practiced during the seminar. Lori adds so much energy to the learning environment that I would look forward to attending more of her seminars. By the same token tell others who I know are in the sales business.”

“Lori has taught me a powerful sequence for an introduction…(the hardest part of public speaking). The knowledge she shared has increased my confidence. The small things about dress, body language and positioning I found valuable as well. Her classes are fun and interactive, they make learning more fun than school learning. As a victim of A.D.D. my suffering this week has been minimal. So on behalf of me and Fast Track I’d like to thank you for sharing your wisdom of team philosophies and presentation.”