“Hi Lori,

Thank you so much for being a part of our recent conference in Red Deer February 2009.

This event was our most well received yet. This is in part to your OUTSTANDING presentations.

Sales is a necessary part of business and often business owners struggle to make the connection. As a result many simply just hope it will happen.

Your presentation drove the point that sales is a component of business and requires action, planning, commitment and is manageable to all.

The actionable skills you presented as well as your ability to create a easy to follow action plan that when implemented and measured is very effective!

Your ability to connect so quickly with the audience only serves to further prove you are a professional...I have heard many refer back to your presentations already, this is directly reflects your ability to create change... That is AMAZING!

Any organization would greatly benefit from your training.

Lori thank you again for being part of our Annual Two Day Conference in Red Deer!

We will work together again.

Until then continued success!”

Jo-Ann Vacing
Executive Managing Director eWomenNetwork Alberta