“Hi Lori,

I wanted to let you know how helpful you were in guiding us to clearly establish a Code of Honour for Renew Life Canada. Both Thomas and I felt that it was key for us as we move forward and develop the guidelines for our people and ourselves that will help us to interact and create a dynamic and highly successful company.

The steps that you outlined for us at our National Sales Meeting made the process of creating a list of items for consideration and then editing that list into one that truly represented our values and those conditions that are necessary to maximize team effectiveness and individual consideration. We included almost everyone in the company, inside sales, accounting, quality control, customer service and warehouse personnel in the process of creating our Code of Honour. By allowing for the review and condensing of the original list of suggestions and also being certain that everyone had a say in choosing the final 15 elements of our Code, we have definitely created something that everyone supports and is willing to work within.

After you left, without exception our people were totally supportive of the Code of Honour that we created as well as the process by which it came into being. YES!!!

Thanks very much for your guidance and support in helping us to create our first Code of Honour. It will serve us well and we will go back to it in a creative way to improve it as we find need of that. ”

Kind regards,
National Sales Manager
Renew Life Canada

“Hello Lori Raudnask,

I wanted to let you know the value that I found in your training that we received as a company over the weekend of December 6th and 7th, 2008.

It became apparent the importance of “Pushing” through the difficult and emotional times. Among many things that I took away from your presentation, perhaps the most memorable was watching my peers at the front of the room raw with emotion and pushing through it. The modeling exercise with the Glengarry Glenross excerpt is one I will remember for years to come. It is something that you can apply not only to your professional life, but to your personal as well.

I truly look forward to reading your book, “Persistence Pays”. Unfortunately that will have to wait. When I got home from your training, my wife who is in sales claimed your book as hers and is already a third of the way through it. This may not sound like much, but finding the time to read is difficult while juggling her professional life with raising our 15 month old daughter. But she is being very persistent with it…

On a side note, during the exercise of selling your book for $10 I was the individual who negotiated “The World’s Biggest Book Store” into taking your book on consignment. I would be very interested in knowing how that turned out for you. There are a few milestones in my career that I like to “brag” about, and would love to include this as one of them.

Looking forward to hearing from you,”

Marketing Coordinator
Renew Life Canada
“I just wanted to give you feedback as promised. If you remember I was the first person to do a role playing scenario with you on Saturday, after which you gave me a copy of your book "Persistence Pays".

On Saturday I:

- Was able to see some of my own strengths and weaknesses I had not previously realized. It was only through the exercises that I was able to have them revealed to me. (ie: becoming aware that I was totally hardwired to give answers to people's questions, when sometimes that isn't necessary) Perhaps I relinquish my own "power" too easily by trying to be so accommodating.

- Was able to see the strengths and weaknesses of my colleagues. When they were put to different tasks, I was able to see who did what, which allowed me to understand how to go about getting a particular person's co-operation, or who could solve a particular type of problem.

- Was able to see some of my own strengths and weaknesses revealed in my dealings with my colleagues. I was able to see that perhaps I could get what I wanted from certain people easier, by changing my style of communication with them.

All in all, a very worthwhile program and I'm grateful that Thomas organized this for us, and even invited myself and others who are not involved in sales to participate.

Thank you again for the complimentary copy of your book, I look forward to reading it. I know persistence will pay for me, even though I'm not directly involved in the "sales" we all know. ”

All the best,