“Dear Lori,
You are an incredible trainer, mentor and coach! Thank you so much for coming to Atlanta to train Andy and I in our new franchise with Sales Partners. You are a fine example of what this company is and you have inspired me to want more for myself and for my business than I have ever wanted before. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and the fact that you truly care about me and my success/personal growth set you in a league of you own. You have no doubt changed the course of my life and I love you for it!!”

All the best,

Tina Lowe
Sales Partners, Alpharetta GA
“At the beginning of the FIT program with Lori, we put together a list of outcomes that we wanted to accomplish over the two and a half days she was in Atlanta. The list was long and daunting to say the least. Lori didn’t back down though. She simply wrote down the list and said, “We better get started.”

I sit now as I type this looking at the list we put together as it hangs on the wall. There are checkmarks beside every single entry! The sense of accomplishment I have is enormous and my confidence is at a peak. Lori went above and beyond to stretch me, teach me, encourage me, and praise me.

Lori is a true testament to the SalesPartner organization and exemplifies the mission with true class.”

Thank you Lori.

Andy Lowe
“The past two and a half days have been fantastic. We have pressed through a lot of material, which has been a great focus. I know I have ignored important things like compiere, etc because of trying to run so fast. I love the pace, but have felt incomplete. I can’t say I am feeling complete, but I can say I am further on that path than three days ago. I love the progress we’ve made toward our January event. The team has gotten excited and focused and we are going to fill this sucker and it will start a revolution in Atlanta!! Mark my words. Yet, we have much, much to do. I’m more comfortable having been walked through the program. I love that we did this here in Atlanta for our team here. Personal interaction is so memorable and meaningful and each of us can demonstrate live our commitment to each other and to our team and to our outcomes/goals. These are indeed exciting times and this is the launch that will be a point of reference.

I know it will not always be possible for you to be live with every new franchisee, but it should be the goal to try. Great to have you here, you have a great energy and are a stable force. Thank you so much for that!”

You are the best,

“I recently read an article about champions and the one thing that stuck out in my mind is that great champions have vision with disciplined practice that is intentional. I believe in and admire championship disciplines — those things that others are willing to compromise, but A Champion is not!! I am very confident that our team will become a championship team from the great momentum that you Lori have provided our team. Thank you for serving our team, we will ensure only the best as a result — GUARANTEED!!

I had the privilege of meeting John Maxwell, Best Selling Author, a few years ago and he told me a story about momentum. He said imagine a train that is on the tracks standing idle and put a 5 inch cement block in front of it — if you do this, the train will have the inability to start moving. However, if the train is barreling down the tracks at full steam with optimum energy, you could put a 5 foot, steel rebar enforced cement wall in front of it and the train will BLAST through it every time. This is the difference in momentum — Thank You for getting our train going.

By the way do you have anything in your purse to eat……I am Hungry?

Dear Lori

Thanks for your time and effort. I was not too sure what I was going to expect when I first started because this is all pretty new to me. But the training has been great and you have a great way of training and being a great example of what SalesPartners WW represents. I can see why Blair selected you to be on his team. You have a great presence about you and you are very approachable. I am very excited to meet Blair and see him in action. Even more so because I have been working with his system and people and I think he has a great service that is beneficial to mankind.

The training was great and comprehensive because of the theoretical and practical applications. Things like videos, audio clips, role playing and field training all made the training so impactful and beneficial. It was great to learn how much one can do if they just keep on trying, but even more so in a team. A great team.

Thanks Jason and Craig for the opportunity to learn and grow. ”

All the Best

Jacqui Fontes