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“Sales is the #1 skill for any business owner and entrepreneur. That is because “Sales=Income.” If you cannot sell, you cannot become rich....end of story. Lori has trained hundreds of individuals and companies globally “Sales is the #1 skill for any business owner and entrepreneur. That is because “Sales=Income.” If you cannot sell, you cannot become rich....end of story. Lori has trained hundreds of individuals and companies globally to increase their wealth through sales. Her persistence, tenacity and incredible ability to engage and support has generated millions for herself and others. In this book, she will show you how to do the same.”
Author of SalesDogs
Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki and founder of SalesPartners Worldwide
“Audiences love her; they walk away from our business conferences feeling empowered. This book will be your personal training guide on how to increase your sales!”
Fast Track to Cash Flow
“Lori’s words to inspire us to persistence and focus are right on the money. In the end you only have to be slightly ahead of your competition to win, but it can take every ounce of your energy and conviction to get ahead. Read it, and then do it.”
Dean, and Industry Professor
DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University
“Lori is a recipient of the Citizen of the Year Award. She is persistent and consistent in her business and community service. This book will not only teach you how she does it but how you can too. A must read!”
Executive Director
Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce
“HI Lori
Can I tell you how much I am loving this book. I swear you wrote the whole thing just for me!! Have a powerful day, ”
“Take some time to truly invest in yourself, whether you are self-employed and an advocate reader of motivational material or you need a realistic look at where your life is now this book will answer your needs. I love it because you need to read it more than once the book is so practical and easy to read you will want to keep it nearby as a daily reference. Remember to apply these principals in your life, you cant help but win! Great book!”
“ Lori,
I read your book from cover to cover, and your ideas and attitude are right on the money! Although my full time job is as a Human Resource Manager, I also have a business I work at part-time in Direct Selling, and your book just makes so much sense! I've passed on your website address and ordering information to my downline and also shared it with my Manager. I know their sales would definitely improve after reading your book and my Manager could certainly benefit too by sharing this at our meetings.

With some hard work and the right attitude you can't help but be successful.”
Thank you
“ Lori’s journey from being held back in the corporate world to creating a regular six figure income running her own business from her kitchen table, is an inspiration for us all. Follow Lori’s simple step by step process coupled with Persistence and you can enjoy the same success.

Lori’s information is simple and easy to follow to guide you towards your success.

Lori is a legend, read this book NOW!”

“I would like to start by saying thank you, and congratulations! The book was excellent. The timing couldn’t have worked out any better. Persistence has not only been something that’s played a major role in my personal life, it’s also something I have been working on in my professional life as well. Persistence is something I have lacked in the past, I have been known to take the easy way out, by convincing myself something “can’t” be done. I am happy to say that words like “can’t, impossible and hopeless” no longer exist in my world. It is amazing to see how far persistence and drive can really go. I have recently started working for the Gerrie Electric Automation Group in sales. I’ve started working with the inside sales/technical support group. I am working towards being an outside sales representative in business development, and I am hoping to be there very shortly. I have realized that through all of the year’s, the only thing holding me back from going after what I really want, is myself. Your book has given me inspiration, not only am I convinced that if I give my best effort and continue to persist through everything, there’s no telling how far I can go, the sky’s the limit! As I read through all of your accomplishments I am proud to say that I know and support each one of you. As I go through the transition from inside to outside sales, any advice or words of inspiration you could pass along would be greatly appreciated. Having a mentor like you, to help motivate and keep the persistence in me would be an honor! Again, I would like to thank as well as congratulate you; the book was full of inspiration!”
“I have just finished reading your book. This book has really inspired me. After 3 years in business (owning a retail store) I was about to close, but now I will be renewing my business lease. Thank you Lori! When you write your next book, please let me know so I can buy it.”
“From the moment I started reading “Persistence Pays” I knew I would come back often to this great gem. Lori shares a lot of wisdom, experience and knowledge that has been a true inspiration to me. The book has not found its way back onto the shelf. I have placed it prominently on my bedside table. Every morning as I get up the title catches my eye “Persistence Pays”, every time I enter the room my eyes are inevitably drawn to the title. I can honestly say, I have never in my life been as persistent as I have been in the last couple of weeks since this book is my companion. Easy enough to read and understand, yet powerful in its message!”
South Africa
“Persistence Pays is a practical, helpful and pragmatic guide to achieve what you really want in life. It does a wonderful job of laying out a process for sales or achieving other goals you might have. Lori wrote this book in a humorous and easy to understand way that makes reading it fun and enjoyable! By combining the three elements – Mindset, Skill Set and Action, it shows making a sale is not difficult. Just be persistent, and never give up!”
“I purchased Lori Raudnask's new book "Persistence Pays" I knew the knowledge and direction in Lori's book, which focuses on the self discipline tools that each of us needs to succeed in business for ourselves but had not used them. I have to say it changed how I approach my own function. I have a personal struggle with focus, I am persistent but lose track of my course because I am so easily distracted. I have put the fundamentals of Lori's book into practice and have seen such a significant change in my attitude and personal business disciplines and they are really paying off. Since reading the book I have doubled my business.”
“Lori Raudnask is a one-woman sales machine! I say that in the most positive way, as she is always looking for the best way to serve her clients with her offerings – not to “hard-sell” them on something they don’t need. She brings a level of professionalism to her sales that we can all learn from. Unlike so many so called sales “gurus”, Lori teaches what she does, and she actually does what she teaches!”
British Columbia
I just finished reading “Persistence Pay$”. I must say you are an inspiring author and your book illustrates the control each of us has with our success in our personal and professional life. Your encouragement for us to take a look at ourselves in the mirror and occasionally ask ourselves what we are doing to reach our goals and then persistently and passionately follow that roadmap is dead on. We only need to get out there and make it happen. I hope to attend and participate in one of your conferences in the near future.”
“If you are fed up with books on sales techniques & closing tricks that are against your nature, if you have enough success motivation or life-stories, look no further. “Persistence Pays” is similar to “easy installing instructions” in this arena. Full of understandable wisdom and most importantly, achievable steps in this very easy-to-read book, Lori has done a extraordinary job by lowering the barrier for those who are timid to take initiative to pursue their own success, whether they may be new entrepreneurs, salespersons or just ordinary individuals. I would say it could have saved me years of struggling, self-doubt, and millions of dollars, if I had had this book before I started my own business.”
“Hi Lori,
I just wanted to drop you a short line about your book "Persistence Pays". I have found it packed with many wonderful nuggets of wisdom & precious pearls of practical advice. This is really very important to me now as I begin building my business - I realize that I've got to keep being relentless and persisting and striving forward in a disciplined manner to prospect, approach, present, handle objections, close & ask for testimonials. The book helps to reinforce strongly the other learning I received from Blair's books and seminar, as well as from your guidance in our FIT program.

We would definitely recommend this book as a "Must-Read", and will continue re-reading to glean more and more value and to daily put the principles into practice.

Thank you so much for writing this awesome book!”
Damian & Jennifer
“Hi Lori,
A few weeks ago I had to make a transcendental decision in my personal life, where I was dramatically going to change my job, my city, leave everything and run away, something that I really didn’t want to do but I thought it was the only solution at that moment.

All that night I was stressed out trying to find the best solution. In the morning when I opened my eyes, I asked God for a clue of what to do, then my eyes found your book on my shelf “Persistence Pays” was the answer I found, so I decided to stay with a new commitment and keep on the road. I was going to face the hard situation instead of avoiding it.

Since that moment miracles have appeared in my life, more people are requiring my services as a coach and trainer. With the tips in your book, my sales have increased more than 30% at this time. That situation of the crisis is not part of my present reality because I’m focusing on the power of my MIND, developing my SKILLS and debriefing and taking the ACTIONS to CREATE the life that I want.

Thanks a lot Lori for your message of Persistence... because it is already paying off for me.”
“Lori, I just finished reading your book and the bonus chapter on your Web site. Great job! Thanks for sharing your persistence, commitment to your dreams, stories, and practical tools for following our passions. You also did a great job speaking at our function this year. Through your business, your speaking, your Web site, and your love for your family you are truly making a difference. Your Persistence will continue to “Pay” through the legacy of success and joy you are building daily. May God continue to bless you richly!”
“Lori is an outstanding Coach that has the ability to connect, challenge and inspire people. In her book Persistence Pays she writes about the skills that are required for success in any profession. My personal favorite Coaching Tip from Persistence Pays is to “Follow One Course Until Successful” (FOCUS). I don’t think you can read Lori’s book without being re-energized and motivated to grow as a person.”
“For those of us lucky enough to know Lori, her personality shines through her book. I hadn't even finished the book when I realized that she has supplemented my 30 years of sales and business experience. We had been negotiating for two weeks to purchase our ideal family home and the deal appeared stalled and maybe even dead. Maggie and I persisted once we rationalized how easily I could ramp up my business to offset the difference. We closed the deal and within a week I had added two AAA clients. Done deal!!”
“I LOVE your book. For me many things reaffirmed what I know works when striving to be successful in a business. Plus many new insights into how to be more successful. Your book truly shows the way to why Persistence Pays. The results I have received from reading your book are increased commitment and focus on the ‘How’ and less distraction with all the other seemingly important and busy things going on. After reading your book, if I can handle what was happening in my life during this summer AND already see growth far exceeding all expectations in a new business then I would say it is a must read! After reading the book I am now achieving a 70% successful close rate.”
“Dear Lori
I enjoyed "Persistence Pays" very much. There are so many features in it that can be used in many of life's adventures. I am a Swim Instructor. I was always getting compliments on the way I taught my students. After I read the book I started asking the teachers and parents of my students if they would put their comments down in a letter to me. They were happy to comply. Now I have many testimonials in my portfolio. It makes me feel good to know that I have helped my students to have CONFIDENCE and FUN in the water.”
“Dear Lori
Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and encouragement. I have read and reread your book and quote it in my business all the time.”
South Africa
“Hi Lori
I loved your book; it is easy to read, straight to the point, logical, full of great info that can be applied to any business. I was so impressed that I did a mini seminar and covered many chapters of your book. Everyone walked away with good tools to use, were more focused and we have strongly recommended that they order your book. Congratulations on a job well done!

You really did an amazing job. The ladies in my business laughed because I am not big on reading these kinds of books. Many of them the chapters are so long, they are too detailed and it takes forever to get the point they are making that I loose interest. I told the girls this was the first book like this I have read, that didn't make me fall asleep!!!!! You are an inspiration, thanks Lori.”
“Hi Lori
After 35 years, I still go back to the well of instruction to continually hone my skills and habits as a sales pro.

Lori's real - world experience and wisdom parlayed in "Persistence Pays” gave me extra focus, helping me achieve a very tough personal goal that friends and loved ones said was impossible. Thanks Lori!”
“Even though I am not in sales, you're book, Lori, challenged me to be more self-disciplined in the time I spend and in my efforts to reach various types of goals. There were very pertinent and insightful quotations, e.g. Nelson Mandela's "Our deepest fear ...” And I was reminded, as I accomplish my many tasks and reach my goals that I need to 'anchor' them and enjoy satisfaction for good effort and successes. This also builds confidence for future endeavors.

Congratulations, Lori, on a job well done!”
“I found Persistence Pays a great book and couldn't put it down. I know it would benefit anyone going into sales or already in sales to read it. It gave me a book I can turn to at any time as a reference. It gave me a desire to sell! sell! sell!”
“Hello Lori,
I thought I should write you to tell you how much I enjoyed your book.

Like you I started out working in the steel industry for one of Canada's largest steel producers and spent 33 years in sales before I retired. As I was only 56 years old at the time I decided to form my own company and act as a sales agent. In 3 years time I was spending the winter in Florida making much more money annually than I had during my tenure with the large company.

I only wish I had your book "Persistence Pays" to read when I was first starting out in my career as I would have started my own business many years sooner. Your tenacity, fearlessness and approach to increasing sales are to be admired and I have given copies to several of my grandchildren so that they might benefit from the advice you have given in your book.”
“Simply told, sentimental, and true, with gratitude. I especially enjoyed chapter 8 'Go Red' page 29 as I am a true believer in the power of the colour red. I had to read on and this book will be cherished by the vast readership.”
“I find your message refreshing and very sobering. There are two main points that I am not doing, first is making a plan of attack (today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year), I don't have one and I believe the biggest issue I have is I am not sure what I want the plan to be. The second point is accountability. I can be extremely accountable but if I have no plan it is kind of hard to be accountable to it. I deeply appreciate all the time you have afforded me and my wife Lisa. To properly say thank you, we would love to come down and take you (and family) out for lunch (as a start)! Have a fantastic day,”