Persistence Pays

Persistence PaysHow getting what you want is easier than you think

by Lori Raudnask

“Persistence is a subject that Lori knows all about. The lessons in this book are not simply the theories of others, they are real world proven strategies Lori has lived and taught first hand. Lori’s wisdom and experience as a top performing leader for more than 30 years is evident immediately.

If you’ve ever been frustrated in your efforts to achieve your dreams, or believed it might not happen for you then you need this book. If you lead others and wonder how to raise the commitment of your team to the championship level then you need this book. If you are a serious minded student of success then you absolutely need this book.

This book moves beyond the motivational fluff and gives you real, simple, and effective strategies that virtually ensure your success in business and in life.”

Michael Cody
STEAM OnLine Marketing

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"Lori’s words to inspire us to persistence and focus are right on the money. In the end you only have to be slightly ahead of your competition to win, but it can take every ounce of your energy and conviction to get ahead. Read it, and then do it."

Dean, and Industry Professor
DeGroote School of Business,
McMaster University

"Lori is a recipient of the Citizen of the Year Award. She is persistent and consistent in her business and community service.This book will not only teach you how she does it but how you can too. A must read!"

Executive Director
Stoney Creek Chamber
of Commerce